coconut water and extreme sport

Why coconut water makes a great post-workout drink

Re-hydrate naturally with a coconut water post-workout drink like CocoZone.

There are very good reasons why coconut water is making increasingly frequent appearances at the gym and on high performance sports fields. The refreshing liquid found in young green coconuts is packed with essential electrolytes and provides a long awaited, pure alternative to sports drinks laden with refined sugars and chemical additives, making it the healthy option for pre- and post-workout hydration.

CocoZone 100% pure coconut water, the water of life, health and wellness.
Rehydrating after a strenuous workout, training session or a competitive sports match is one of the most important steps to ensuring that your physical efforts benefit, rather than strain the body. Any exercise that causes you to perspire, whether it is a half hour in the hot outdoors, a Saturday morning in the gym or an adrenalin-filled endurance race can adversely affect your body’s water balance and blood pH. Along with the water you expel through sweat during exercise and post-workout, essential electrolytes are also lost. These are important compounds such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorous that become ions which help maintain healthy brain, heart, muscles and nervous system.

Fresh, pure coconut water such as CocoZone warrants a key place in your hydration regime pre-, during and post-workout. It is an extraordinarily balanced and abundant source of electrolytes with levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium in particular that are much higher than what you would obtain from the same size serving of a typical sports drink. You can effectively re-hydrate and replenish your body; restore optimal muscle functioning, water balance and energy without ingesting refined sugars and other unwanted additives such as chemical flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

It is important to distinguish coconut water from the more familiar coconut products such as coconut milk and coconut cream. The latter are derived from the fat-rich meat of ripe coconuts; whereas coconut water is the light, almost clear fluid found inside green coconuts before the white meat has formed. A pure source of coconut water is fat-free and contains about 2.2 grams per 100mls of natural sugar making it an excellent low-calorie, healthy drink alternative also to fruit juices, canned ice teas and fizzy cold-drinks. The smart choice for those following weight management or weight loss programmes and those who do not want to undo all the good they have done post-workout by sipping on an artificial energy drink.

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The nutritional profile of natural coconut water includes a well-documented and a growing body of scientific studies which attests to its reputation as a health-boosting superfood. Apart from its high electrolyte content, coconut water is also very rich in essential vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and plant hormones known as cytokinins. This means that if you are using coconut water in your post-workout rehydration regime, you are also getting the remarkable added benefits of boosting your immune system, protecting your digestive and cardiovascular systems, assisting kidney functioning and as well as regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

To ensure that you receive all these benefits whether it is before a football match, mid- triathlon or post-workout, it is important to know and understand the source of the coconut water product you are using and make sure that it is not concentrate-based and contains no added sugar or preservatives. To optimise on this elixir of natureâ, choose a brand such as the recently launched CocoZone, which is 100% pure coconut water that has been directly extracted from young, green coconuts and bottled at the source of a single origin plantation that relies on natural rainfall and is farmed without the use of chemicals.

There is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that while playing a highly effective role in your post-workout hydration and replenishment, coconut water will also make a valuable contribution to your daily life and overall health. Why not see what the fuss is about and pack a CocoZone coconut water into your gym bag for an energy boost after your next sweat session?

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