Health Benefits of Coconut Water

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CocoZone – A refreshing health drink

CocoZone has recently launched in South Africa and it is causing quite a stir! The delicious health drink that has been enjoyed in certain parts of the world for centuries and that has taken the Western World by storm, is now available at a variety of outlets all over South Africa. You can find your nearest one here.

This all natural health drink can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age. Suitable for athletes as a post-workout drink, pregnant women or breast-feeding moms as a healthy source of nutrients and hydration, even children.

The low natural sugar content and nutritional properties found in coconut water, offers a low calorie alternative to soft drinks, while offering maximum health benefits.

As a natural isotonic drink, CocoZone contains key electrolytes needed to effectively hydrate the body. It is also a natural source of potassium, containing more per serving than found in 2 small bananas.

CocoZone Healthy Drinks South Africa

Coconut Water Health Benefits

We believe that CocoZone is the perfect health drink for everyone.
This is why:

Coconut water post-workout

  • Replenish key minerals and fluid lost during training, without the added sugar or caffeine.
  • With only 2.2g of natural sugar per 100ml, it is the perfect post-workout drink for weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

Coconut water and pregnancy

  • Rest assured that you are getting key vitamins and minerals that mom and baby need during pregnancy.
  • Supports alleviating nausea caused by morning sickness.
  • Packed with nutrients without adding the sugar.


Coconut water while breastfeeding

  • Drinking coconut water while breastfeeding helps rehydrate to support milk production.
  • Key vitamins and minerals assists in ensuring enough nutrients are consumed to produce nutrient rich breast milk.
  • Supports a healthy diet due to low natural sugar content.
  • Rest assured that you are giving baby the best, as CocoZone is caffeine and preservative free.

Coconut water for babies and children

  • Ideal as an alternative to sugar-loaded juices and soft drinks.
  • Perfect for school as a beverage or delicious frozen ice lollies.
  • Plus peace of mind, that you are giving them the best – no added sugar, no preservatives, no caffeine and allergen free.
CocoZone 100% pure coconut water, feel the health benefits

Coconut water is good for you

CocoZone offers you many health benefits, so refresh and rehydrate naturally by giving your mind and body the best nature can offer.

Here are some of the health benefits:

  • Boosts immune system.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Counteracts hypertension.
  • Reduces swelling in hands and feet, making it perfect for consumption during air travel.
  • Rehydrates the body and replenishes lost nutrients and electrolytes.
  • Improves overall functioning of key bodily functions, like digestion.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels especially beneficial to diabetics.
  • Possesses anti-aging properties, which improves the health and appearance of skin.

But why choose Cocozone?

CocoZone – feel the health benefits of coconut water now in South Africa.

Only the good stuff in coconut water


We understand that you put in is what you get out – so we make sure to leave the stuff out that will slow you down. CocoZone is completely free from preservatives, fat, cholesterol and added sugar, giving you only the purest coconut water straight from the earth. CocoZone’s pure and natural qualities make it the ideal drink of choice for informed consumers, athletes and health and diet experts all over the world.

Stay energised with coconut water


Our coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and sugars. Its wealth of natural ingredients help control blood sugar levels, which help to increase your metabolism rate to give you more energy to get the most out of life. CocoZone is loaded with five essential electrolytes: sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus working together to help keep your body hydrated and full of energy.

Coconut water in its purest form


CocoZone is 100% gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free and does not contain any trace of allergens. Always natural and always delicious, CocoZone is full of natural goodness; it is coconut water in its most natural form.

Stay quenched with coconut water


CocoZone keeps your mind, body and spirit in the zone of goodness. Our bodies are 70% water, so it’s important to keep it hydrated at all times. Said to be Mother Nature’s most refreshing drink, coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water. It has the ability to refuel and hydrate to restore lost body fluids, thanks to its electrolytes – making it the ultimate in hydration. Quench your thirst with pure coconut water, CocoZone.

Improved well-being with coconut water


Our coconut water contains natural Potassium, an important component for maintaining a high level of wellbeing. It’s the mineral that helps our bodies perform critical bodily tasks, such as proper muscle contraction and generating energy in the body. Potassium also helps to counteract hypertension. Enjoy more energy with every delicious sip of CocoZone.

All natural coconut water


CocoZone is always pure, never from a concentrate, and always deliciously hydrating and refreshing. Containing only the purest ingredients, nothing is added or taken away in the CocoZone journey; it comes straight from the coconut to you, leaving only goodness. This is our guarantee that when you drink CocoZone, you are 100% powered by nature with pure coconut water.

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