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health benefits of coconut water

Staying Healthy This Summer With CocoZone

Summer can be tough on your body, so we have compiled a list of 5 ways to ensure that you stay healthy, happy and hydrated throughout the sunny season: Keep Hydrated South Africa is famous for its sunshine and because we live in the southern hemisphere it can often reach scorching temperatures during the summer […]

CocoZone 100% pure coconut water, palm tree, The tree of life.

The Tree of Life


Why is a coconut tree called “The Tree of Life?” The coconut tree is known to have many benefits and is one where absolutely every part of it can be used. The coconut tree provides many all-round benefits – from the tree’s roots to the coconut flesh and coconut water.

Tropical Mango and Pineapple


CocoZone coconut water is deliciously refreshing on its own, but can also be used to make tasty, healthy smoothies. Try this easy-to-make tropical mango and pineapple smoothie using CocoZone coconut water – a fantastic way to start your morning, boost your energy or simply as a delicious snack.