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Benefits Of Coconut Water For Children

You want to give your little ones the best start in life, and in a world where our grocery stores are packed with food and beverages that are genetically modified, packed with artificial preservatives and flavourants, caffeine and addictive added sugars; it’s harder than ever to know which brands you can trust to do right by your family.

100% pure coconut water that’s found in young green coconuts, CocoZone is not just harmless to yourself and your children, it’s tremendously beneficial to their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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Delicious chilled in the fridge or frozen into an ice lolly, CocoZone is a tasty, healthy alternative to fizzy drinks and fruit juices, and it often appeals to young children more than adults whose tastes over the years have become acclimatised to sweet beverages with added sugars.

A great beverage to balance their busy lifestyles, CocoZone is a naturally hydrating isotonic drink that contains five different electrolytes and keeps children energised, both in the classroom and on the sports field. Containing more Potassium than two whole bananas, CocoZone keeps their bodies functioning optimally and gives them that much needed extra oomph to finish their science or history projects after play time. With nothing added or removed from CocoZone on its journey from the young green coconut growing on a tree in the Philippines to its recyclable Tetra Pak that’s chilling in your fridge, when your children drink CocoZone, they are powered purely by nature, not anxiety- and insomnia-causing caffeine.

As the true addictive nature of sugar comes to light and its detrimental toll on our lifestyle becomes a growing concern among parents, more and more mothers and fathers are trying to limit their children’s sugar intake as a means to prevent not only immediate side effects, but health issues at a later stage. Unlike many other coconut water brands, CocoZone are committed adding no sugars, preservatives or flavourants to our health drinks, plus they are also free from all artificial additives and naturally fat free – just pure goodness.

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We know some children are healthier than others, but no one should miss out. A natural immune system booster, CocoZone helps to ward off those nasty contagious bugs, colds and flu that wreck havoc in the classrooms, as well as protect them from susceptibility to sickness when they are run down or playing outside in the cold weather. For children who are highly sensitive, we’re also pleased to reveal that CocoZone coconut water is allergen free and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, which is especially beneficial to diabetics.

Incorporated into his or her healthy, balanced diet, CocoZone is a healthy beverage you can trust to promote your child’s well-being by increasing their energy levels, boosting their immune system, improving their mental functioning and circulation, naturally. Discover more benefits of CocoZone for you on the family by visiting our health benefits page.

You can find a list of nationwide suppliers of CocoZone by clicking here, or you can save when you shop online directly on Orders placed online include free doorstep delivery to the major cities in South Africa.

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